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Get the Best Value with these Top 3 MTN Tariff Plans of 2023

MTN Tariff Plans

Maximize your business potential with the MTN Biz Plus plan. Get to know how to migrate to MTN Biz Plus and its benefits, the MTN Pulse, and Beta Talk Plans. If you are looking for the best MTN tarrif plan for data bonus, go for the MTN Pulse plan.

The MTN tariff plans vary in terms of cost per minute for calls, cost per byte for data, airtime, and data bonuses and data bundles.

MTN Tariff Plans

Sometimes you just need enough data to surf the internet, watch videos on YouTube or Instagram, download those trending interesting movies/TV shows, and attend that business webinar, amongst other things.

Other times you just need enough airtime to have that long-awaited meaningful conversation with your loved ones, colleagues, or clients.

That’s why I’ve put together the top 3 MTN tariff plans for you to choose from. Whether for business or pleasure.

Top 3 MTN Tariff Plans of 2022

The MTN tariff plans are accessible to all subscribers on the MTN network. Whether you are an existing customer or a new one.

Note: You can migrate to a new tariff plan for free once every month. If, in any case, you migrate again within the same month, you’ll be charged ₦50 migration fee.

Let’s take a look at these MTN tariff plans:

MTN Pulse

This is my top choice when it comes to the MTN tariff plans. I’ve been on the plan for ages, and I don’t think I’ll change it anytime soon. Read on to find out why.

The MTN Pulse charges 40k/sec for the first 50 seconds every day, followed by a flat rate of 11k/sec to MTN lines and other networks. The 11k/sec becomes effective immediately after the first 50 seconds.

When it comes to data, MTN Pulse is top-notch. The plan offers unique data bundles, which you can find only on this plan.

MTN Pulse Plan Benefits

  • A flat rate of 11k/sec across all networks in Nigeria.
  • Stream music at ₦10/day on music+
  • Get a 100% data bonus when you purchase the 500MB weekly bundle.
  • Get 250MB for ₦25 and 500MB for ₦50 on the Nightlife bundle (up to 2GB per night)
  • You also get a data bonus on recharge

How To Migrate To MTN Pulse

To migrate to the MTN Pulse tariff plan, you can use one of these methods:

  1. Dial *406*1#
  2. Dial *123*2*2#
  3. Text 406 to 131
MTN Pulse

When it comes to data, the MTN Pulse tariff plan is the best.

MTN Beta Talk

The MTN beta talk is the cheapest tariff plan on the network. Prepaid subscribers get a woofing bonus of 250% for a recharge of ₦100 and above. And 150% for recharges below ₦100.

Unlike MTN Pulse, The MTN Beta Talk charges a little higher at 31.50k/sec from the main balance and 64k/sec from the bonus. This applies after the first minute of the day at 42k/sec.

Your bonus balance will be exhausted before you are charged from the main balance.

MTN Beta Talk Code for Migration

The MTN beta talk code is relatively easy and memorable. You can migrate using a USSD code or SMS:

  1. Dial *1232*1# or
  2. Text BT to 131.

MTN Biz Plus

As the name implies, the MTN Biz Plus plan is designed specifically for businesses. Small and medium businesses enjoy a very low call rate with this plan.

The MTN Biz Plus has a mix of voice, SMS, data, and ICT benefits. Its regressive pricing is effective from 4:30am to 11:59pm every day.

40k/sec applies to calls made at any time of day for the first 60 seconds of both on-network and off-network calls. After which, you can enjoy a free happy hour call at 11.26k/sec.

MTN Biz Plus Benefits

Subscribers of the MTN Biz Plus stand to enjoy these benefits:

  • Cheap data plan to start at N350.
  • SMEs can create their company ideas with the support of capacity-building advice and a wealth of industry-specific materials on a dedicated platform.
  • Customized caller ring-back tones (CRBT) can open up new marketing opportunities
  • Access to WhatsApp training for SMEs to develop their digital capacity
  • access to pop-up notifications that may be utilized as advertisements, customer status updates, and descriptions of impending events
  • Voice calls to all Nigerian networks are available at a low rate of 11.26k/sec
  • Text message at the cost of N4 per message to all Nigerian networks

MTN Biz Plus Code for Migration

Here’s how you can migrate to the MTN Biz Plus plan:


Dial *460*1*1# and then click on “Migrate.”


Text BizPlus to 131

MTN Biz Plus Bundles

To access the MTN Biz Plus Bundles after a successful migration, dial *4602#. Then choose any bundle you want to buy.

You’ll get a confirmation code immediately.

MTN Biz Plus Bundles

These are the MTN tariff plans that most people subscribe to because of the benefits they offer. Depending on your needs, one of these plans will do the trick.