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Best Podcasts to Listen to in the Morning in 2022

Almost every topic has a podcast these days. In a world filled with millions, deciding what podcasts to listen to can be challenging, and finding the most interesting ones can seem almost impossible.

This article has compiled a collection of best podcasts to listen to in the morning. Whatever your interest might be, you’ll find something that meets your demand.

Trending Podcasts comes with trending topics. And you can be sure to find the latest information on your topic of interest, be it skills, strategies, real-life stories, fiction, etc.

Without further ado, let’s dive in!

What are the Best PODCASTS to Listen to in the Morning?

1. Match Made in Manhattan Podcast

Match Made in Manhattan Podcast is about surviving your twenties in the never-sleeping city of New York.

Tune in every Friday to cry, laugh and smile your way through the ups and downs associated with living in the big city.

The Match Made in Manhattan podcast is hosted by the renowned two girls and a gay trio of Katy Bellotte, Adam Harrison, and Colbie Cassidy.


2. Felger and Mazz Podcast

Felger and Mazz Podcast is a Boston-based afternoon sports radio program airing from 2 to 6 p.m on 98.5 The Sports Hub since 2009. The show is hosted by Tony Massaroti and Michael Felger.

The Felger and Mazz podcast includes a live television broadcast on NBC Sports Boston.


3. Have Kids They Said Podcast

Are you a parent?

Do you need parenting advice? Not that you are bad at it, but kids can be a lot sometimes!

Although there is no shortage of helpful parenting advice, Have kids they said presenters Rich Davis and Nicole Ryan aren’t hesitant to let their guard down and admit some of their own parenting missteps.


4. Can’t Hurt Me Podcast

In the Can’t hurt me Podcast, David Goggins, often referred to as the most formidable man alive, reveals the resources and unflinching truth you require to pursue extraordinary goals, defy restrictions, and completely revamp your life.

David Goggins says, “you have to go to war with yourself before you can find peace.”


5. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff Podcast

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff Podcast is about stress reduction with the help of specialist Kate Winch. She explains how you can incorporate this healing exercise into your everyday schedule to reset your mind and body.


6. A Woman’s Smile Podcast

A woman’s smile podcast is hosted by Patti Harrison and Lorelei Ramirez, where they discuss everything! But precisely the sweet and compassionate nature of a woman’s smile.

A woman’s smile podcast can be therapeutic if you ask me.


7. Every Classroom Matters Podcast

If you’re a teacher, Every Classroom Matters is for you!

Every Classroom Matters is a bi-weekly inspiring podcast featuring interviews with outstanding educators with significant trends to share with teachers, principals, professors, and anyone interested in educating people of all ages in the modern age.


8. Gone South Podcast

Gone South Podcast is a documentary series about the unsolved murder of Margaret Coon.

Hosted by Jed Lipinski, the show sheds new light on the murder that has haunted St. Tammany for more than 34 years.


9. Tin Foil Hat Podcast

The Tin Foil Hat Podcast goes into entirely uncharted territory subjects every week. Topics covered include UFOS, Ghosts, and Bigfoot.

This Podcast, co-hosted by TESA members, aims to inform and help the general public comprehend the convergence of all current occurrences worldwide.


10. HotWife Podcast

Are you a wife and HOT?

The HowWife Podcast as the name implies, examines a hot wife’s lifestyle and a couple that live the high life.

The show is broadcast live on Wednesdays at 9 p.m. (New York time), and callers are welcome to join the discussion, pose questions, or simply hang out.


11. Eddie Trunk Podcast

Eddie Trunk, the most recognizable figure in hard rock and metal music, contributes his wisdom, comments, reviews, conversation, and in-depth interviews to the podcasting community!

Join Eddie and his well-known buddies in music and entertainment for a rousing good time every week. You just might get to meet your favourite musician.


12. Have You Heard Podcast

The occasionally humorous and occasionally educational Have You Heard Podcast follows journalist Jennifer Berkshire and academic Jack Schneider as they investigate the long-standing mission to eventually improve the nation’s public schools, one policy problem at a time.


13. Jennette MacCurdy Podcast (Empty Inside)

Each episode of Jennette McCurdy’s Podcast has a new guest who dives deep into a particular subject.

The Podcast touches on general theme topics such as Comedy, filmmaking, eating disorders, counselling, envy, and the paralyzing sense of doom we all experience as we desperately try to fill the hole within.


14. Mr Jim Podcasts

The Mr Jim Podcast series of programs foster family connections and inspires imagination.

Mr Jim Podcast focuses mainly on kids. With their kids’ short stories podcast, they transform your kids’ ideas into unforgettable adventures.

You can also submit your ideas; the Mr Jim podcast will build an incredible story around them.


15. Let’s Finish This Podcast

You thus have something to say to the world. You’ve started and stopped numerous times, but something keeps you from moving forward.

Let’s finish this Podcast teaches you real techniques for spreading your message to the globe and making money while doing it. These include attitude, marketing, sales, processes and systems.


16. Average to Savage Podcast

How does getting to know your celebrity crush on a more personal level sound? Awesome, I know.

Influential personalities are featured in the average to savage Podcast. Voices who have been heard before yet still have a story to share.


17. A More Civilized Age Podcast

If you are a Star Wars fan, then a more civilized age podcast is for you!

A More Civilized Age Podcast is a Star Wars podcast that analyzes The Clone Wars television series. The show hosts, Ali Acampora, Austin Walker, Natalie Watson, and Rob Zacny, delve into the text and ramifications of one of its multi-episode storylines every other week.

Along the way, we see how the show approaches and develops its themes while highlighting the minor adjustments it makes to the context and significance of the Star Wars franchise.


18. Physical Preparation Podcast

The physical preparation podcast aims to help athletes, coaches, and trainers improve their performance.

The show features interviews with the leading experts in the field.


19. Sing Out Podcast

The Sing Out Podcast is a once-a-week hour-long “magazine format” radio show that includes interviews along with both “live” and pre-recorded music hosted by Tom Druckenmiller.


20. Wet Shaving Podcast

The wet shaving Podcast is devoted to the old-fashioned shaving method.

Join John Hsieh and Gerard Gustillo at the wet shaving as they go deeper into wet shaving. They cover razors, aftershaves, shaving brushes, artisan shave soaps and much more.


21. Bari Weiss Podcast

The Bari Weiss Podcast reveals secrets that have been hidden in the closet.

In modern American life, the most fascinating conversations take place in private. Thanks to the Bari Weiss Podcast, they are emerging from the shadows.

Every week, former New York Times and Wall Street Journal journalist Bari Weiss shares tales no one else is telling and engages in conversations with the most fascinating people in America.


22. Fox Hunter Podcast

Are you a fan of crime shows? How does a trues crime story sound?

The Fox Hunter Podcast is an absolute crime show investigating the murder of 18-year-old Rhonda Sue Coleman in the small town of Hazlehurst, Georgia 1990.

No answer, no arrest, and no justice cried the family, friends and townspeople of Rhonda Sue Coleman.


23. Daily Wager Podcast

Are you into sports betting? Daily Wager Podcast might just be it for you!

The daily wager Podcast moves each day quickly, as it shares many of the same names and voices as the television program of the same name on ESPN.

There are also “Daily Wager Extra” episodes centred on sports’ biggest games and betting chances.


24. Her Voice Her Story Podcast

The goal of the Her Voice Her Story podcast is to encourage and uplift women of colour over the age of 40 to find their voices and pursue the ambitions they have put on hold.

Every woman has a story to tell, and when those tales are told, they have the potential to inspire self-worth and offer the truth.

Follow her voice her story Podcast as they uncover these stories.


25. Linda Gaye Scott Podcast

In the Linda Gaye Scott Podcast “Linda’s Bumpy Ride,” she discusses her experiences in the movie industry, mainly what it was like to work on Batman, Westworld, and other projects.


26. Monica Rial and Jamie Marchi Podcast

In this Podcast, Linda Rial and Jamie Marchi intend to “put the record straight” on their roles in Vic Mignogna’s sexual misconduct accusation and their participation in the subsequent legal actions.

The “In Touch Podcast” is described by the pair as an audio-recollection of “our adventures in talking publicly about being sexually harassed, getting harassed online for talking publicly about being sexually harassed, getting sued for talking publicly about being sexually harassed, and having that case against us get thrown out because we’re allowed to talk publicly about being sexually harassed.


27. Once Upon a Geek Podcast

The Once Upon a Geek Podcast celebrates a range of topics we find fascinating. Continually evolving subjects include comic books, science fiction, pop culture, what it means to be a geek, and other sentimental subjects.

Hosted by the Irredeemable Shag and Chris Lewis, the once upon a geek Podcast talks about shows like Doctor Who, Star Trek and many others.


28. Something was Wrong Podcast

Something was wrong Podcast supports abused victims of all kinds.

The iris award-winning something was Wrong Podcast strives to validate abused victims and inform the public about crucial issues, including coercive control, gaslighting, and emotional, physical, and sexual abuse.


29. Turn the Buckle Podcast

Are you a fan of wrestling?

Every Tuesday night in the turn the buckle podcast, Ben Thrasher, Will Clark, Jason Hampton, Josh Cox and Drew Game get together to talk about the latest developments in the pro wrestling industry.


30. Born to Rise Podcast

Are you a female entrepreneur? Take your business to the next level with the burn to rise Podcast.

The Born to rising Podcast is the go-to resource for all business strategies, motivational tips, and sales guidance for growing a successful business.

All boss babes striving for more must listen to the Born to Rise Podcast, which includes in-depth solo episodes and unique interviews with world-class female entrepreneurs!


31. Unravel Podcast

The Unravel podcast spreads awareness of fashion’s significance in history and modern culture and stokes debate on our digital platforms.

Unravel was established in 2015 to address a void in the canon and lexicon of fashion by textile conservator Dana Goodin and fashion academic Jasmine Helm.

Unravel Podcast keeps producing content that is easily accessible for readers and listeners.


32. Carson James Podcast

Carson James Podcast addresses questions about horse training and offers practical, all-natural remedies to common horse issues.

Get your horse(s) trained the natural way with Carson James Podcast by listening to new episodes every Tuesday


33. All of Us are Dead Podcast

Are you a fan of zombie stuff?

As the name implies, all of us are dead talk about the ‘All of Us is Dead’ Netflix TV show.


34. Al Galdi Podcast

Longtime a sports figure from Washington, D.C., Al Galdi, looks closely at sports in the Washington, D.C., area every weekday.

The Al Galdi Podcast provides an incisive analysis of, as well as having fun with, the Washington Football Team, Capitals, Nationals, Wizards, Hoyas, Terrapins, and more.


35. Bloodbath Podcast

The Bloodbath podcast is a real crime comedy show hosted by longtime best friends, wedding dress stylist Ashley and pilot Jamie.

Join the Bloodbath Podcast to talk about true crime.


36. Cinema Shock Podcast

Cinema shock explores the making of some of your favourite cult and genre films in great detail.

Each episode focuses on a specific film, providing information about its production process and position in cinematic history.

Cinema shock hosts Justin Bishop, Gary Horne, and Todd Davis produced, wrote and edited the show.


37. Don Cheto Podcasts

Don Cheto is a 65-year-old fictional character who has lived his whole life in Mexico and the United States. For years, audiences of all ages have been enthralled by Don Cheto’s charisma. He is shady, flirtatious, and entertaining.

He provides terrific entertainment with a wide selection of music, keeping listeners interested with amusing comments, jokes, and his rustic Michoacán speaking style.

The show was first introduced in 2005 and is currently co-hosted by Marlene Quinto and Don Cheto and airs in the mornings on national radio stations with a base in Los Angeles.

Don Cheto Al Aire is his most recent famous Podcast episode.


38. Don Higgings Podcast

Are you a hunter?

Follow a seasoned land manager, consultant, author, and hunting industry specialist as he locates, targets, and kills world-class whitetail bucks.

Don Higgins podcasts equipped you with tips and techniques for hunting that you can utilize regardless of your skill level, property, or objectives.


39. The Awkward Minority Podcast

The Awkward Minority Podcast will give you a break you need from the week’s routine schedule. The show is hosted by two of your favourite creators, Jesus Shuttlesworth (of Planet Of The Sanquon) and Lady Godiva ( of Words By Lady G).

Awkward Minority Podcast discusses subjects that will undoubtedly touch the soul, make people laugh, and—most importantly—unlock the mind.


40. Divine Intervention Podcast

If you’re in the medical field, the Divine intervention Podcast will come in handy.

Divine Intervention Podcast helps you comprehend medical principles, solve patient issues, and perform well on exams.


41. Modern Coaching Method Podcast

This Podcast is for you if you’re a coach or consultant having trouble making six figures from your business.

Learn how to quadruple your coaching revenue while working fewer hours with Terri Levine, Chief Heart-repreneur®, at the “Modern Coaching Method.”

Tune in to the Modern Coaching Method for unique insights, mindset changes, and actionable advice that will help you advance in your own coaching career.


We hope you have found and enjoyed what you are looking for in our list of best podcasts to listen to in the morning