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How to Turn Your Writing into a Profitable Amazon Bestseller

Learn How to Publish an eBook in Nigeria in 8 simple steps

In a country like Nigeria with a large population and a limited number of physical bookstores, publishing an eBook can be a great way to reach a wide audience. If you’re wondering how to get started publishing an eBook in Nigeria, this article will walk you through the process step by step.

eBooks have proven to be popular in recent times, as so many devices are now fully compatible and convenient to study with. With the current devastating situation of Nigeria’s educational system and the increasing number of internet users in the country, publishing an eBook might be a great idea right now

What is an eBook?

An ebook is an electronic book that can be read on a computer or other electronic device. Ebooks are usually published as PDF files, which can be read on any device that has a PDF reader. Nigeria is a developing country with a rapidly growing economy, and there is a growing demand for eBooks in Nigeria.

Here are some tips on how to publish an eBook in Nigeria:

1. Choose a topic that will be popular in Nigeria. There is a growing demand for eBooks on topics such as business, self-help, and education.

2. Find a niche market. There are many eBooks published in Nigeria, but not all of them are successful. To be successful, you need to find a niche market that is not being served by existing eBooks.

3. Write your eBook in Microsoft Word or another word processing program. This will make it easy to convert your eBook into a PDF file.

Why Publish an eBook?

There are many reasons to publish an ebook, but one of the most compelling is that it can help you reach a larger audience with your message. In a country like Nigeria, where internet access is still relatively limited, an ebook can be a powerful tool for spreading your ideas and connecting with people who might not otherwise have had the chance to read your work. We live in a digital world, and eBooks are a sign of the times.

Another reason is that People are on-the-go and rely on their technology devices for entertainment, information, and education. With the eBook reader’s invention, the idea of having a digital book on your device is convenient, and more readers in Nigeria are seeking out this convenience

Here are the main benefits of publishing an eBook in Nigeria:

  • Easy publishing. Gone are the days when authors had to wait on someone else to publish their book. The eBook publishing process is easy, user-friendly, and can be done with the click of a button.

  • Low-cost. Publishing your eBook is free on Amazon, but you’ll still want to make an initial investment on professional services like cover design and formatting to get your book ready to be published. You may choose to design and format your eBook by yourself

  • Maximized reach. Get wide distribution of your eBook to readers all around the world without ever mailing anything out.

  • Passive income. Many people turn to eBooks to generate passive income (they can sell eBooks anytime, anywhere without lifting a finger once its published)

How to Publish an eBook in Nigeria

Are you an aspiring author looking to get your work out there? Or maybe you’ve already written a book and you’re interested in publishing it as an eBook. Either way, you’ll be glad to know that it’s relatively easy to publish an eBook in Nigeria. Here’s a quick guide on how to do it.

First, you’ll need to choose a platform to publish your eBook on. There are many different eBook platforms out there, but the most popular one is Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing.

Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing platform, also known as KDP, is the most widely used self-publishing platform in the world. Amazon is now responsible for 85% of eBook sales worldwide. This means as an author, if you are ready to publish, you need to learn how to publish an eBook in Nigeria with Amazon. With Amazon self-publishing, you can reach the world’s largest book audience and earn up to 70% royalty on your eBooks.

Here are the steps on how to publish an eBook on Amazon:

1. Write Your eBook

First, you need to write your eBook on a topic that you know, and can produce engaging content on, but it should not be too long like a novel.

Here the steps to write your eBook:

1. Select your eBook topic
2. Create a book outline
3. Write each chapter of your book by following your outline
4. Edit your rough draft by yourself
5. Get a professional to edit your book
6. Make final changes
7. Get a book cover design for your book

2. Create an Amazon Publishing Account

You need an Amazon account to publish with Kindle Direct Publishing:

Go to and register your Amazon account.

Click on “Self Publish With Us” tab 

Click on the “Get started” button.

Sign in with your Amazon login credentials.

Set up your tax details when prompted (if applicable)

Click “Finished” to start setting your book up


3. Format for Book Publishing

Your eBook files must be properly formatted before you can  upload it to the Amazon platform. You can format it by yourself or you can hire a professional formatter to do it for you

There are a number of common eBook formats. None of them are better or worse than the others, as each is ideal for viewing on a particular device. The only ones you really need to know about are:

  • 1. PDF eBooks: These are ideal for reading on a computer, but may be hard to view on smartphones. This is generally the easiest and cheapest format to produce, as Word and Pages let you automatically convert a document into a pdf. Not using Word or Pages? No problem. Use a free online PDF converter like Small PDF.

  • EPUB eBooks: EPUB stands for “Electronic Publication”. This is the most common format for eBooks, and can be read on virtually any device – the exception being the Kindle. This is also the format you’ll need if you want your eBook readable on NOOK.

  • MOBI eBooks: MOBI was designed for use on the Kindle (or Kindle app). While you can still format your eBook in MOBI format if you like, AZW/AZW3 (below) is the newer version of this format.

  • AZW/AZW3 eBooks: This is Amazon’s proprietary format, so if you’re planning to sell there, go with this one. This format can be used on the Kindle or Kindle app, as well as on most computers and smartphones.

Generally speaking, it’s best to offer a few different options for readers to choose from. You may want to offer PDF, EPUB and AZW/AZW3.

4. Add Your eBook Details

After formatting your eBook, it’s time to start the uploading process

Step #1: Set up your eBook

Select “Kindle eBook”

Click “Create a New Title.”

Click on the “+” for setting up your Kindle eBook.

Sign in again with your Amazon password. This takes you inside your KDP Bookshelf.

Enter all the details for your book, including uploading the content, your cover, and finally, choosing the pricing and publishing.

Now, let’s set your book up for publication.

Step #2: Title your eBook

Your book title and subtitle are two very critical components of your book’s future success. Your title should be crystal clear on what your readers will learn by reading your book. What will they be able to achieve? What will be the big gain? This is what grabs your potential readers attention and draws them into your self-published eBook. The title conveys something they want.

A great subtitle rolls off the tongue like a well-scripted poem. Keep it simple, yet magnetic.

 Here are a few tips for the perfect book title:

  • Your Title/Subtitle includes a solution to a problem: Your title should be crystal clear on what your readers will learn by reading your book. What will they be able to achieve? What will be the big gain?
  • Implement a hook: This is what grabs your potential readers attention and draws them into your self-published eBook. The title conveys something they want.
  • List the core benefits: Your potential readers want to know what they will get from reading your book. You should provide enough tantalizing information to stir emotions in your readers. They want what you are promising to deliver.
  • Keep your subtitle clear and simple: Many authors try to get too creative with titles, but they end up sounding clunky. A great subtitle rolls off the tongue like a well-scripted poem. Keep it simple, yet magnetic.
  • Include your master keywords: We will get into keywords further down but, you want to include your keywords in the title. But avoid keyword stuffing. It has to look and sound natural.

Now, fill in your eBook title and subtitle now.

Once your book is properly formatted, it’s time to start the uploading process in KDP.

Now, let’s set your book up for publication.

Step #3: Add a series and edition number

Series: This section only applies to authors that have already published a series of books. If you have a series of books, proceed to fill in the series name and volume number now. If not, leave this blank.

 Edition Number: You can provide an edition number if this title is a new edition of an existing book.

Step #4: Add your author name

Fill in your author name. The name you enter here is what will appear on your book’s page. You may choose to use a pen name.

As for contributors, you can add the names of people who helped to create the book. This could be your book editor, foreword contributor, illustrator, or cover designer.

Step #5: Write an eBook description

Your title and subtitle will grab your reader’s attention and drive curiosity. But it’s the book description that will seal the deal. When self-publishing an eBook, you need a powerful book description in order for potential buyers to read what it’s about. A great book description means you’re likely to sell more books

Step #6: Verify your eBook publishing rights

As the author of the book, you hold the necessary publishing rights. There are only two choices here so take the first one, as seen below:

Your book is legally copyrighted as soon as it is written.

5. Choose eBook Keywords & Categories

Keywords and categories are important for your eBooks success on Amazon’s platform, so don’t skip this step. Keywords are the specific words that customers are plugging into the Amazon search bar to locate material relevant to their interests.

Choosing eBook categories:

There are over 20,000+ categories on Amazon, and finding the right one for your book is an important step 

Amazon wants your book to be found so they have provided specific categories for your book to be positioned. But you can only select 2 browse categories from within the bookshelf

When it comes to selecting your eBook’s

categories, you should choose:

  • Categories that are low to medium in competition
  • Relevant to your niche
  • Categories with good traffic

6. Select Your eBook Publishing Date

The next step on how to publish an eBook on Amazon is to select your book release option. For releasing your eBook on Amazon, you have two options:

Release it now: This means you are not doing pre-order but, by the time you are finished filling in all the book details, you will publish immediately. If you choose to publish your book later, click on ‘Save Draft’ at the bottom of the page

Make your book available for pre order: This recommended if you can drive traffic to your book before it is released. It is a good strategy for getting your book to start ranking before it is even live in the store.

Select the option that is right for you

7. Upload Your eBook Files

You are almost done publishing an eBook in Nigeria. Here are the steps to upload your files:
Check either “Yes” or “No” for whether or not you want your book to be protected under Digital Rights Management.

To upload your manuscript, it first must be saved in a supported kindle format. If you had your book professionally formatted, your formatter should provide you with the correct book format for Kindle eBook.

Here are the supported formats below:

  • Click on the button “Upload eBook manuscript” from the second page of your shelf.
  • Select your saved eBook file from your computer
  • Click “Upload your cover file.”
  • Select your cover file from your desktop to upload it.

Note: You can upload the manuscript as many times as you want and the new version will override the existing file.

Now that your manuscript and book cover is uploaded, go ahead and check the book files with the eBook previewer:

Next, you’ll be prompted on ISBNs. If you don’t buy an ISBN of your own, Amazon will provide one for you free of charge for paperbacks only.

Lastly, you’ll verify your eBook publishing territories and be on your way!

8. Publish Your eBook to Amazon

There are a few more steps to finish, then you will officially be a published author!

 Price your eBook and royalty options

A common question often asked is: “How much should my book be after the launch is over?”

This is always up to the author.  But to help you decide, there are two royalty options for your book: 35% and 70%. If your book is below $2.99, you must choose 35%. Between $2.99 and $9.99, you are paid 70% of the sale of your eBook. If you are just starting out you may want to price your book between $2.99 and $4.99. As your platform grows, you may consider raising the price to $5.99, $6.99 and eventually $7.99.

Publishing your eBook to Amazon

In this step, we’ll cover the final parts of Publishing an eBook in Nigeria.

Here are some terms for you to know:

The Matchbook program: This allows customers to purchase your digital eBook at a discounted offer of $1.99, 0.99 or free, when they buy your print book.

 Kindle Book Lending: Allows people who have purchased your eBook to lend a copy to someone else to read, only after a short waiting period. This program also pays royalties to you when the book is lent out, and read, similar to the Kindle Unlimited program.

Now, publish your eBook. Hit publish and your Kindle eBook will be live within 24 hours.

Congrats! on publishing your eBook in Nigeria on Amazon

Last but not least, don’t forget to promote your ebook! Make sure to tell your friends and family about it, post about it on social media, and do whatever else you can think of to get the word out. With a little effort, you can be a successful ebook publisher.

Tips for Successful eBook Publishing

1. If you’re considering publishing an ebook, there are a few things you should keep in mind to ensure success. First and foremost, think about your audience and what they would like to read. It’s also important to choose a catchy title that will grab attention. Once you’ve got those details sorted out, it’s time to start writing!

2. Be sure to edit your work thoroughly before you publish it; even the best writers make mistakes. Once your ebook is ready to go, there are a few different ways to publish it. You can use a service like Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing or Smashwords, or you can sell it on your own website.

3. No matter which method you choose, promoting your ebook is essential. Use social media, email marketing, and good old-fashioned word of mouth to get the word out there. With a little effort, you can see your ebook become a success!

Overall, self-publishing an ebook in Nigeria is a fairly straightforward process. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can get your book into the hands of Nigerian readers in no time. Of course, there are a few things to keep in mind when self-publishing, such as ensuring that your book is high quality and meets the standards of Nigerian readers. But if you takes these factors into consideration, you should have no trouble publishing a successful eBook in Nigeria.

We hope this post haste answered your question of how to publish an eBook in Nigeria.