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How to Open Google Word Coach Game

Google word coach

Google Word Coach is the perfect game to consider if you’ve trouble learning to properly use new words or are seeking ways to expand your vocabulary.

This vocabulary-building game is perfect for non-native speakers of English. It will help you become fluent in the language. It’s a fantastic online quiz game that will help you improve your English language knowledge while having fun. As you explore Google Word Coach, the element of fun is introduced to your learning process.

One of the game’s entertaining features is that players that perform well can earn points. They clarify why your response was incorrect and what and why the proper answer should have been.

Without further ado, let’s get to know the game!

What is Google Word Coach?

Google Word Coach is a brand-new function that has been added to the Google dictionary, and the translation boxes appear when you conduct an internet search.

As we can see, Google is becoming smarter every day, and its brand-new game, “Google Word Coach,” is greatly assisting users in building their English language and vocabulary excitingly.

How to open Google Word Coach Game

You must be wondering, how do I open google word coach? Wonder no more; this article is about to tell you all you need to know about the game.

Here’s how to open Google Word Coach.

You can access the program by typing “Google Word Coach” into your browser’s search bar. It also appears when you search for the definition of a term.

Upon launching the Google Word Coach game, click on the “Start The Quiz” button. A question with two options will appear. Simply select the appropriate answer; if you are unsure about the answer, you can skip it, and the following question will appear on your screen.

Google Word Coach

You will see five questions in the first round on your screen, and you must respond by selecting the appropriate answer. Every time you provide a correct answer, you will receive some points, and once the round is completed, your overall score will be displayed.

Perhaps you’re interested in learning more about the topic. A tiny arrow pointing to an alternate answer is included with each question. The arrow in the top right corner of the screen can be clicked to learn more about this question. By doing this, you’ll be able to choose the correct answer more effectively.

No points are deducted for wrong answers, so they don’t matter because they provide an opportunity to learn. You can continue playing the game whether your answers are correct or not. If the answer is wrong, it will be indicated by a red color. The answers that have green checkmarks are correct.

Warning: Closing your browser while playing will end the game.

Avoid closing the mobile browser while the game is still open to reaching a high score. Turning off your phone could result in losing the game. Singing into your Google account and an active internet connection is also needed to play the game. The score does not, however, stay forever. It will vanish eventually.

How Many Levels are there in Google Word Coach?

Google Word Coach has only two levels. You can advance to level 2 after responding to the five questions in the first round.

Furthermore, if you like, you can skip a question. If you’re unsure about the answer or don’t want to take a chance to pick the incorrect one, skip.

What is the Highest Score in Google Word Coach?

There may not be a permanent highest score in Google Word Coach because the records keep changing. After closing the app, all data and the final score are deleted. However, The highest score in Google Word Coach at the time of this post is 600360 points.

If you beat the above score, please let me know, and I’ll update it.

Google Word Coach Download?

You cannot download the Google Word Coach because the game is only available for mobile browsers. To find the game, you need to search for “Google Word Coach” on Google. But, you can bookmark it or make a shortcut to the game on your smartphone’s screen for easy navigation.

Benefits of Google Word Coach

Google Word Coach has various elements that make it one of the most effective ways to expand your vocabulary.

  • You can discover the proper pronunciation for the new word.
  • Over 10,000 common words are to be discovered.
  • The words used in this game are divided into three levels: basic, intermediate, and advanced.
  • For the player’s convenience, examples are provided.
  • The applicants getting ready for the IELTS exam will find this game greatly helpful.
  • It serves as a dictionary with a ton of quotations and examples.


Google Word Coach Google is a fun way to improve your English language skills, launched by Google. Accessing the game is as easy as typing 3 words in the Google search engine. The game offers a lot of resources and examples. It is a fantastic effort by Google to improve English proficiency among people from non-English speaking countries.