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How Many Jobs Are Available In Electric Utilities Central?

how many jobs are available in electric utilities central

Are you thinking about having a career in the electric utility sector? Then you would be happy to know how many jobs are available in electric utilities central. With 21,372 job openings according to Indeed, it’s easy to find a position you can fit.

Electrical utilities central is the source of all the electricity in a city or municipality. It is the location from which the power company distributes electricity to the end users.

Users include residential, commercial and industrial customers of electric utilities. Distribution often involves the utilization of substations, transmission lines, and sub-transmission lines.

So How Many Jobs Are Available In Electric Utilities Central?

The number of positions in the electric utilities central office is not set in stone. It differs between companies and even between states. For Electric Utilities Central in the United States, there are 675,775 jobs filled across the country.

As one of the largest employers in the United States, The electric utilities central had over 171,786 individuals workers throughout all 50 states in 2021.

Here are the jobs available in electric utilities central:

Electrical Engineer

An electrical engineer is in charge of designing, testing and probably supervising the production and installation of electrical components and equipment for scientific, industrial, military and commercial use.

Electrical engineers could work in various sectors or industries by providing electrical power to smartphones, cars, etc.

With an average annual salary of $87,181 in the United States, the electrical engineer is expected to have a solid educational background and relevant experience.

Power System Operator

There are many roles and responsibilities for the power system operator. Some of these include adjusting controls to generate a certain level of electric power and controlling equipment that generates power, such as reactors and turbines.

The power system operator earns $90,730 annual because they also supervise power plant equipment and indicators to find signs of problems.

To be considered for a position under this professional path, you must have completed all required coursework and gained the required work experience.

Gas Controller

The gas controller is in charge of controlling the pipeline and setting points, operating compression stations, and keeping an eye on the flow and pressure of the transmission system.

A gas controller also transports natural gas, used for many different purposes throughout North America.

The gas controller is one of the best-paying jobs in the electric utility sector in the United States, with an annual salary of $90,538.

Line Worker

A line worker has several roles and responsibilities in the electric utilities central. One of them is attaching grounding devices to eliminate electrical risks from downed lines.

They travel in specific vehicles that are outfitted with tools and materials. To reach equipment, they typically climb poles or utilize truck-mounted buckets.

A line worker in the United States earns $83,001 annually.

Nuclear Engineer

The priority of a nuclear engineer is solving issues relating to nuclear energy and nuclear waste management. They are genuinely at the forefront of creating new applications for nuclear material.

Additionally, they create nuclear machineries like reactor cores, radiation shielding, and related instruments.

Nuclear engineers are among the highest-paid workers in the electric utility industry in the United States, earning about $85,450 annually.

Network System Administrator

The daily management of networks falls under the purview of a network system administrator. Before setting up a system, they must ensure it will meet an organization’s needs.

They also set up hardware and software, provide ongoing maintenance, and make any necessary repairs.

The average yearly salary for a network system administrator in the US is $71,706.

Career Path in Electric Utilities Central

Electric Utilities Central is an option to consider if you’re looking for a career path where growth is easy to achieve regardless of your department.

At all major corporations worldwide, there is a significant need for energy specialists and professionals in the electric utility sector.

Businesses always need professionals who can manage things like energy or water. They will pay them handsomely if they find someone capable of doing this.

One of the highest paying jobs in the United States is electric utilities. In 2018, the average salary for electrical engineers was $61,520. Currently, the average salary is $87,181.

The same applies to some other positions in the electric utilities central.

The Skills Required in Electric Utilities Central

Be capable of proactively addressing the world’s most complex challenges and working with others to provide effective solutions.

Your ability to recognize the risks associated with the company’s trends is also required—as the capacity to hear what your workforce has to say and seek out their suggestions.

This work requires a great deal of versatility. You must be flexible and able to work with whatever is thrown at you. You are not always asked to do the same thing daily when working for a utility or municipality.

There’s a need to be socially fit. You must be a good communicator because you will interact with many people, including mayors, city council members, employees, and customers.


There are many jobs available in electric utilities central, but to secure a position, you need to have the qualification and experience required for that position you are aiming for.