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Earn Big with these Top-Paying B2B Affiliate Programs

B2B affiliate marketing programs offer a never-ending trove of goods and services. The stakes in this market are incredibly high. Let’s take a look at the high-paying B2B affiliate marketing programs to help you decide which one is right for you.

Every product and service marketed to other businesses use a unique strategy to reach its target market. Many effective affiliate drip campaign marketers have exploited the marketing industry, converting the tactic into a winning one.

What to Look for in B2B Affiliate Marketing Programs

While looking into the high-paying affiliate marketing programs, It’s crucial to understand the key features of each one and how to compare them.

Below are the five main factors you should take into account for any B2B affiliate program:

Rich Financial Resources

The finest high-paying B2B affiliate marketing programs are run by companies with a strong desire to grow. Finding the one affiliate who will contribute 20% of their channel’s success is the goal of every affiliate manager.

To determine how great an affiliate program’s financial resources are, you should ask yourself the following questions:

Is the brand prepared to make an upfront payment?

Avoid affiliate programs whose merchants claim high commission rates but are unwilling to provide any upfront acquisition payments.

Does the company use affiliate tiers?

SaaS companies typically have a few distinct tiers determining the rate of compensation for affiliates, albeit they don’t typically market this. The bigger the affiliate, the higher the commission rates or CPAs. Trying to determine how big these tiers get is worthwhile. This will reveal how much they are prepared to spend on acquisition expenditures.

What platforms does the brand use?

Check out the channels they use to distribute their content. Their affiliate budget is likely quite big if their top affiliates run LinkedIn, Google, and Facebook advertisements.

Additionally, it’s generally a good sign if you observe them squandering money like there’s no tomorrow on Google, Capterra, and any viable PPC platform—provided they see affiliation as a performance marketing channel.

Conversion Rates and Product Potential

Naturally, you’ll want to ensure that the product you choose to promote is one that customers will likely spend a lot of money on over time. A quality product will directly affect your performance and raise the acquisition cost companies are willing to pay, both of which are to your advantage.

Keep an eye out for products with a broad prospective client base. The holy grail of affiliate marketing is to succeed in highly competitive, established, large markets like email marketing and hosting.

It could be tempting to choose the all-in-one product that claims to be the upcoming big thing that no one has ever heard of. However, for you to promote a product across multiple blog posts, it is best to choose products with a wide range of features. When it comes to affiliation, while single responsibility principle (SRP) software is fantastic for the problem it solves, it’s much easier to be a small fish in a broad pond than the top dog in a particular niche market.

Sales-driven VS Product-driven Culture

Whether a company is sales-driven or product-driven impacts how the affiliate program functions and how profitable it is for you, the company’s culture and growth engine are actually what matters here.

Sales-driven companies generally prioritize conversion over discoverability, and your job is to direct traffic to them as an affiliate. It will be difficult for you to convince the company that you can add even a tiny amount of value if they have a large team of Sales Development Reps (SDRs) manually calling every business.

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Though not all of it is horrible, you’ll be in a terrific position if you can collect leads on your own using a form and then sell those Marketing Captured Leads (MCLs) to sales-driven companies. With this approach, you may go around any attribution logic and take advantage of sales representatives ringing up and converting your leads aggressively.

Product-driven companies, on the other hand, are typically considerably easier to work with. They are accustomed to tracking and attribution and the dynamics of performance marketing and conversion rate optimization (CRO). They often scale acquisition using channels for performance marketing, such as LinkedIn ads, Facebook ads, Google Adwords, and SEO.

Effective Click Through Rates and Conversion Rates.

The most crucial features to consider in a B2B affiliate program are your conversion rates and earnings per click. If your claimed conversion rates are almost zero, high commission rates will do you no good. CTR, or Click Through Rates, is the only statistic that matters to you as an affiliate. How much money, on average, will you get from an outgoing click?

Sadly, fair attribution is not something that affiliate programs guarantee. The program marketers are frequently uninformed about the best ways to set up their platforms and don’t dig deeply enough into the conversion statistics their clients supply them.

In the end, you do not influence the affiliate marketing program. Even if its guidelines are ineffective, you must follow them. Most affiliate marketing software provides its users with a JS tag (JavaScript tag) to place on each website page and another to activate whenever an account is created.

It’s ultimately up to the client company what they do with those tags. It is entirely up to them how they manage cross-device attribution, how they deduplicate affiliate traffic, and whether or not they reward the first or final click.

What counts most is the number of conversions your existing traffic generates and can be directly linked to you as the affiliate. Reported conversion rates will vary significantly more than commission programs, at 20–30% for your first year as an affiliate.

This all leads to the primary problem with affiliate programs. Testing new affiliate programs continually is the only effective way to find the best ones, but this takes time. Give or take the length of any free trial period; you’ll need to evaluate the CTR you’re getting after a complete sales cycle of more than 100 clicks.

Using tools like popup plugins can help you save time because they provide far more flexibility and require less work than updating your listicles and creating new reviews each month.

Attribution Model

Lastly, be sure to look into the attribution model for each affiliate program. Your performance will be impacted by the type of attribution model, especially if you want to monetize your current traffic.

First-click and last-click models are two of the most common attribution models.

The market leaders usually run last-click programs. They operate by attributing all of the credit to the final touch point a lead experienced before converting. as an affiliate, you have good placements on branded keywords in reviews and comparison pieces, and a last-click attribution model can be profitable. Examples of topics that perform well with this model include “Semrush vs. Ahrefs” and “How much does Semrush truly cost?”

The severe competition you’ll have is the main barrier to success for last-click affiliate programs. Product reviews and comparison articles cost very little to write, and it’s challenging to outrank a big site that has been active for 10 years and has 45 incoming links to single review content.

When it comes to these posts’ content, it isn’t easy to even stand out because any website can participate because they’re such simple writers. The size of the brand is another restriction placed on last-click programs. You won’t get much traffic for the brand-named inquiries if you’re using the last-click program for software that nobody knows about. As a result, you won’t make any money unless you actively contact leads and convert them yourself.

The first point of the customer’s interaction receives full credit in first-click programs. Challengers typically operate them, companies that have recently raised substantial sums of money to take on a sizable market. They are seeking exposure.

As an affiliate, if you have strong placements on keywords in the consideration stage, first-click programs can be profitable. Examples are posts with the headings “Top 10 X Software” or “Cheap/Free X Software.” Maintaining a low funnel and obtaining that first click is the most significant restriction for first-click programs. You’ll struggle to get the first click if the brand is running TV, YouTube, and Facebook advertising if you don’t use extensive, informative keywords. These keywords have a horrible habit of producing meager conversion rates and lengthy sales cycles.

The High-Paying B2B Affiliate Marketing Programs

Each affiliate marketing program is unique in some ways. Regardless of how old your business is, if you choose the right affiliate program, your chances of being noticed by your target audience are very high. Most affiliate marketing companies profit this way from the B2B Affiliate program, which also enables them to make substantial commissions.

When you search for a high-paying B2B affiliate marketing program, many companies offering the most exemplary B2B affiliate programs appear. However, we carefully searched for examples and mouse-selected the ones below. Our recommendation will assist you in recognizing the difference and inspire you to select an effective affiliate network for your passive income.

Best Pay-Per-Lead Affiliate Programs

As they pay a set amount for each lead you send their way, pay-per-lead (PPL) or cost-per-lead (CPL) programs can make getting started much more straightforward than other programs. This is because receiving that initial payment is considerably easier with PPL or CPL programs. PPL programs are an excellent choice if you’re on a budget because they’re affordable for both parties.

Although PPL programs typically don’t pay very well, it’s important to remember that they’re a terrific option for beginners to start with affiliate marketing and have a solid understanding of how the industry works.

Here’s our pick for the top pay-per-lead affiliate programs:


Block, Inc. created Square, a platform for financial services. With the help of Square, small and medium-sized businesses may take credit card payments and use tablet computers as a point-of-sale payment system. With Square POS, you can conduct business wherever, but your consumers choose to make purchases.

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Explain how Square Online can support your audience in starting, operating, and expanding an online business.

  • Commission: CPL $5 + CPA
  • Higher tiers: Yes
  • Attribution: First click – 30 days cookie
  • Category: CPL


Grammarly helps you to write error-free content on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, and any other platform you use, even when sending texts! It gives you quick tips on writing more clearly, fluently, stylishly, and with better grammar.

Since Grammarly is a free product, affiliates can make significant money without making a hard sales pitch.

  • Commission: CPL $0.20 + $20 CPA
  • Higher tiers: No
  • Attribution: First click – 90 days cookie
  • Category: CPL


ShareASale is the affiliate marketing platform with the quickest rate of growth, enabling collaborations that produce results. The company is based in the River North neighborhood in Chicago, IL, USA.

ShareASale provides services to both affiliates and merchants in affiliate marketing. ShareASale is a platform that affiliates use to find products to promote and get paid for product referrals.

  • Commission: $30 CPL for affiliates – $150 CPL for merchants
  • Higher tiers: No
  • Attribution: NC – 365 days cookie
  • Category: CPL


Similarweb offers digital intelligence services for customers in the enterprise and small to medium-sized business sectors. The platform provides web analytics services and gives users access to data on the website traffic and performance of their clients and rivals.

The company has 12 locations, including its main office in Tel Aviv. In May 2021, the business will be listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

Similarweb affiliate program is intended for blogs, influencers, consultants, agencies, and content websites.

  • Commission: CPL $20 + CPA $200
  • Higher tiers: No
  • Attribution: First click – 90 days cookie
  • Category: CPL

Morning Brew

Morning Brew is a fast and valuable daily email newsletter for millennial business professionals. Each morning’s email includes a recap of the day’s top business stories, a few quick summaries of the stock market, and a tiny segment with lifestyle content.

Alex Lieberman and Austin Rief established the weekly in 2015 while they were undergraduates at the University of Michigan. As of this writing, it has slightly under 200,000 total subscribers.

Because it increases the value of each new subscriber beyond the value of a single member, the Morning Brew referral program is still a significant motivator.

  • Commission: CPL $3.5
  • Higher tiers: No
  • Attribution: 30 days cookie
  • Category: CPL

1 Password

1Password is a password manager created by AgileBits Inc. It allows users to store different passwords, software licenses, and other sensitive data in a virtual vault secured with a PBKDF2-protected master password. The user’s encrypted vault is typically hosted on AgileBits’ servers for a monthly subscription.

Passwords and personal information are synced between all of your devices via 1Password. Although it is not quite as powerful as the competitors, this application is easy to use.

1 Password has one of the most significant commissions in the password management industry, with rates reaching 75%—appealing subscription packages.

  • Commission: CPL $2 + 20% first payment
  • Higher tiers: No
  • Attribution: NC
  • Category: CPL

Best Hosting Affiliate Programs


Bluehost is among the number of hosting companies owned by EIG. Undoubtedly, Bluehost has a very supportive affiliate marketing culture, one of the top service providers in the sector. They also own Constant Contact, one of the top affiliate programs for email marketing.

  • Commission: CPA $65
  • Higher tiers: Yes
  • Attribution: Any click
  • Category: CPA


WPEngine is a premium hosting affiliate program that, while significantly less cost-effective, is still a market leader. You can use both businesses to refer to both sites because it offers WordPress themes. Therefore, you will receive credit for the sale if a visitor clicks to learn more about its plugin and ends up purchasing WPEngine a few days later.

  • Commission: CPA $200
  • Higher tiers: Yes
  • Attribution: Any click – 180 days cookie
  • Category: CPA


Hostinger International Ltd is an employee-owned Internet domain registration and Web hosting company founded in 2004. It is the parent company of 000webhost, Hosting24, Zyro, Niagahoster, and Weblink.

Hostinger is an excellent platform to market because of its high commission rates and practical terms. The benefit of the Hostinger Affiliate Program is that it offers banners for all types of websites, so you’ll never be short of options.

  • Commission: 60% of every sale
  • Higher tiers: Yes
  • Attribution: NC – 30 days cookie
  • Category: CPA


HostGator is one of the best companies offering safe and inexpensive web hosting.

HostGator offers shared, VPS, reseller, and dedicated web hosting. It is a Houston-based company but also has a location in Austin, Texas.

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HostGator affiliate program offers the best referral commissions in the market, allowing you to monetize the visitors to your website!

HostGator affiliate program is a SaaS-niche affiliate program. On a single purchase, the seller pays a 15% share.

  • Commission: CPA $65 – $125
  • Higher tiers: Yes
  • Attribution: NC
  • Category: CPA


Kinsta is a cloud-based host that offers managed WordPress services with server power and optimization unmatched by any other provider.

Join Kinsta as an affiliate to receive honest profit sharing. Receive up to $500 for each referral plus 10% recurring monthly lifetime commissions.

  • Commission: CPA $50 – $500 + 10% recurring lifetime
  • Higher tiers: No
  • Attribution: NC
  • Category: CPA

Best SEO Affiliate Programs


Semrush Inc. is an American publicly traded company that provides the Semrush SaaS platform. The tool is frequently used for keyword research and information on internet rankings, including indicators like search volume and cost per click.

The schemes work on a revenue-sharing model, whereby the affiliate (you) promotes Semrush in return for a cut of each purchase or trial activation.

  • Commission: CPL $10 + CPA $200
  • Higher tiers: Yes
  • Attribution: Last click – 120 days cookie
  • Category: SEO

SE Ranking

SE Ranking is a comprehensive SEO software package. SE Ranking provides all the SEO tools required to perform online marketing campaigns correctly. It is ideal for entrepreneurs, SEO experts, and companies.

Be a part of the SE Ranking Affiliate Program and receive a lifetime 30% commission on each subscription sale. It’s as simple as 1-2-3 to sign up as an affiliate. Enter your SE Ranking login information or make a new account. All SE Ranking members have access to their SEO Affiliate Program, even after your expired subscription.

  • Commission: 30% Lifetime
  • Higher tiers: Yes
  • Attribution: First click – 120 days cookie
  • Category: SEO


Mangools is a collection of five simple but effective SEO tools designed for efficient SEO workflow. It covers both conventional and competition keyword research. To assist you in uncovering long-tail keywords with minimal SEO difficulty.

Promote Mangools SEO products to receive a 30% LIFETIME commission. There is no approval process, so register for free and start making money.

  • Commission: 30% Lifetime
  • Higher tiers: Yes
  • Attribution: NC – Sign up 30 days cookie – Purchase account based lifetime
  • Category: SEO

WP Rocket

WP Rocket is the finest WordPress caching plugin on the market because it provides the most comprehensive collection of options to aid website speedup.

Joining the hassle-free and cost-free affiliate program is a good idea. You only need to promote WP Rocket using your affiliate link. Every sale will earn you a 20% commission. Take advantage of affiliate marketing by signing up as an affiliate, regardless of your position (blogger, influencer, small business, large organization).

  • Commission: 20% one-off sale
  • Higher tiers: No
  • Attribution: NC – 30 days cookie
  • Category: SEO

We recommend running your affiliate marketing on LinkedIn if you really want to go for the high-paying affiliate marketing programs because LinkedIn is where the professionals hang out.