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Best Virtual Data Room Providers of 2023

Virtual data room

In the current business environment, the virtual data room (VDR) is a revolution in the transaction process. The main reasons why companies switch to virtual data rooms rather than other data spaces are fast access 24/7/365 from anywhere and from any tools that are connected to the internet, safe management and data storage, as well as significant time and money savings in conducting secret transactions for business purposes. In addition, online versions of transactions help to avoid many mistakes and risks, which reduces the possibility that transactions will not pass as previously planned. At present, VDR has become a safe place for meetings on the network for all parties involved in the transaction. By providing full control during online procedures to verify the health of the company’s financial condition, this safe online data repository simplifies cooperation between all parties. has been modified to be an instrument that facilitates all transactions and not only conducts thorough tests on the company’s financial condition. In addition to absorption and merging, virtual data space software is widely used for transactions such as credit syndications, private equity, and business capital loans. Usually, virtual data spaces are widely used in many economic sectors, including the following:

  • Biotechnology
  • Business broker
  • Accountancy
  • Bank activities related to investment
  • Credit Consultant
  • Property
  • Energetics
  • Lawyer
  • Government
  • Consulting services
  • Media Mas
  • Pharmacy
  • Venture capital investment
  • Production
  • IT and Telecommunications
  • Health
  • financial consultant

As a result, online data storage providers appear on the market almost every day. Many of them offer similar services, such as safe data storage, data management, and joint data usage. Other functions can vary significantly.

The Best Virtual Data Room Providers of 2023

The best virtual data rooms provide security at the military system level, multilingual support, complete text search, document layout, and various other functions. Consider these options for the best experience:

iDeals Virtual Data Room

iDeals Virtual Data Room is a safe solution for virtual data space, which is used by more than 4,000 companies worldwide, including many from the Fortune 1000 list, since 2008. The ideals of virtual data rooms (IDS) are based on sustainable, innovative approaches, including research efforts and ongoing development, strong cloud infrastructure, and direct customer service. Thanks to advanced technology to share ideals and protect against unauthorized access, dealers throughout the world can fully meet these requirements.

Intralinks Dealspace

Intralinks is a global technology provider for the safe management of content and collaboration. Intralinks, founded in 1996, allows exchange, control, and information management between organizations using the company’s virtual data space. It is a solution that provides space for transactions and is suitable for sharing data on both sides of the company’s firewall. The main products of Intralinks VIA were created for strategic cooperation across several industries, including financial services, biomedical sciences, technology, and manufacturing.


Datasite is a strong data-sharing solution that simplifies the company’s financial health verification in mergers and acquisitions, resignations, public offerings of shares, or any transaction that requires the company’s financial health verification. This data site function allows customers to make transactions faster, smarter, and better. Learning through document presentation in the data room how Datasite significantly reduces transaction time and costs associated with transactions

Brainloop Secure Dataroom

Brainloop Aman Dataroom is a sophisticated virtual workspace with complete security architecture, 24/7 global availability through a web browser, and a special tablet application. Brainloop provides safe interaction in a transparent online workspace, providing comprehensive protection for secret documents. Find out why companies around the world use Brainloop as a communication system for the board of directors, research and development, legal work, and other fields where you need to share secret documents.

Smartroom VDR

Smartroom provides virtual space data services for many fields of industrial and economic activities such as capital markets, law, and foreign currency transactions. Safe hosting and joint use of documents by partners, convenient confidential information management, secret discussion about direct data on the platform

BlackBerry Workspaces

BlackBerry Workspaces provides safe cellular services to use together and share data through a virtual data space, which facilitates the interaction between users and increases productivity. By combining the security and ease of use of BlackBerry Workspaces to implement protection and management of sophisticated digital rights (DRM) for documents sent from the company content repository of your choice to several destinations in your organization and so on, including websites, desktop computers, and cellular phones,

Box Virtual Data Room

Box Virtual Data Space is a platform that is lulled for content and collaboration management and was established in 2005. Recently, virtual file box data services were equipped with sophisticated security functions, digital rights management, and file storage systems that can easily be used to continue the contract, financial statements, and other files to verify the company’s financial condition. Various levels of security protect important business information, helping teams and companies throughout the economy easily exchange, manage, and share the most important information in any place using any tools.

What are the functions of virtual data rooms?

Usually, the main purpose of virtual data room software is to safely store, manage, and share the most valuable data when making an agreement. In addition, the online data room provider helps the seller be better prepared for transactions and has a well-planned strategy. At the same time, those who buy can carefully check all documents and identify all potential risks and traps. Therefore, the main functions that must be sought in every virtual data space must include the following:

Safe data management (data encryption, antivirus protection, prevention of account theft, etc.)

  • Digital rights management
  • Extensive search throughout Virtual Data Room
  • Tracking activity and log audit
  • Compatibility
  • Display
  • Supports various file formats
  • Mass upload
  • Drag-and-drop function for files
  • The ability to have several projects in one account

In addition, in the best virtual data room, a number of advanced security settings are offered, especially authentication for multi-stage entering, deactivating the print screen button, the “question and answer” function, time restrictions, and access through certain IPs, integration with Microsoft Office, and dynamic watermarks. Also, if needed, many virtual data providers offer individual training.

Comparison of virtual data space

Currently, there are many online data repositories available, and it can be difficult to determine which to choose for your project. Below you can find useful advice that will help you use the benefits of a virtual data room.

To find the right virtual data space provider, you must first ask: What functions will be needed for your project? You need to understand what you expect from a virtual data room. Keep in mind that when you filter every detail, you can deepen your knowledge.
You need to read the best reviews about virtual data spaces and learn more about how you can use a good virtual data room in your industry or project.
Another important aspect to consider when choosing a service that is suitable for your project is the availability of a free trial version. Never buy an annual or half-year membership without using a free trial version from the selected provider. Usually, virtual data room providers offer free membership for 1 month, 60-day trials, or three-month free trials. The duration of free trials can vary, depending on certain providers.

Choose only online data repositories that offer support 24/7/365, and not only during working hours that may be different in different time zones.
It makes sense to choose providers who have experience in many complicated financial transactions, including the planting of public shares.

Internal hosting and management are important functions that cannot be ignored.
In addition, leading providers offer many extraordinary functions that not only help you collect, manage, and present data on the internet but also help to greatly facilitate and record transaction time. Here are some functions that might be useful for you:
Document security: data encryption, automatic reserves, deactivating the Print Screen button, restrictions on time and IP, and dynamic watermarks.
Safety Access: Multiple authentications for login, mobile management, and preventing account theft.

Functionality: questions and answers, integration with Microsoft Office, tracking activities together with the Log Audit, mass uploads, etc.
Ease of use: advanced search, interface, and functions that are easily understood. Usually, the platform chosen is suitable for beginners and professionals as well.
Real-time reporting: tracking activity and log audit. In addition, it might be useful to find a virtual data space provider that can adjust it according to your needs.

Finally don’t forget to find out the bandwidth of the platform that is chosen.
This is an important question to consider when choosing the right platform for your project. To determine the best virtual data space for your business transactions, we offer the following comparison. We invite you to read reviews and compare functions, features, and tariffs. We recommend that you pay attention to the security and functionality aspects. Before you begin to remember that you need to fully understand all the features of your project and what you expect from the Virtual Data Room.

What is a virtual data room?

A virtual data room is a secure online repository for storing and sharing data between interested parties. Previously, only physical data rooms could be used — which is a standard office with a higher level of protection. Virtual data room is a step forward and transforms traditional locations into online storage places. Its functionality has become increasingly diverse; in addition to storing target company information, it can also be used to track data entry and flow, perform financial transactions, edit/delete/update added files, and so on.

How does the virtual data room work?

The term “data room” is used to define an online repository for storing sensitive and confidential company data. Typically, these companies are involved in legal due diligence of mergers and acquisitions. Usually used during Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) negotiations. Standard functionality includes features such as advanced permissions, Question & Answer tools, multi-factor authentication with reports and tracking entries, and so on. In most cases, preference is given to cloud solutions, so no installation is required.

How much does it cost to have a virtual data room?

Depending on the pricing model and vendor, the overall cost of virtual data room services may vary. Taking into account the goals of your project, each of them can be functional. In general, prices may be charged per page, per user, and per storage size, and maybe a flat monthly fee for a specific set of features. If any advanced functionality is offered, the price may increase.

How do you create a data room?

Apart from preparing the data for storage and sharing through the data room, interested parties choose a reliable and reputable VDR provider. Once the task is done, you only need to open the repository, create document groups, invite new users by adding their emails, and customize the functionality to set limited access for adding documents and files.

What is the data room in an investment bank?

The purpose and functionality of data rooms in investment banking is not very different from their use in other fields. In general, this place, which is called an online repository, allows access to files downloaded by authorized users from various regions of the world. Virtual data rooms simplify due diligence for both parties, enabling them to manage M&A transactions more efficiently. And instead, investment banks can check which users are logged into the virtual data room, and track session duration and the documents they are working on.

What are the benefits of a virtual data room?

Virtual data rooms are generally used for mergers and acquisitions, i.e., their due diligence process, which requires storing and sharing multiple files about the offerings of the target company. This online repository can be especially useful for businesses with the same volume of data to store or businesses that need to manage free and remote access of multiple users simultaneously, without allowing their interaction.

Is Dropbox a virtual data room?

Several important differences do not allow Dropbox to be considered a virtual data room. Despite revolutionary developments and updates, Dropbox is designed to make it easier to share data among Internet users without contributing to its security. The software structure is also different: while Dropbox is based on one main folder containing all the data, the data room includes separate projects with authorized access to each one. In addition, support team assistance helps to successfully execute M&A transactions through virtual data rooms, and Dropbox is not secure and professional enough to execute serious business deals

What is virtual data room in M&A?

Mergers and acquisitions occur when the target company sells its bids to potential bidders to receive estimated earnings. Such procedures cannot be carried out without carrying out due diligence checks by obtaining marks and analyzing sensitive and confidential information. This is where the virtual data room is needed. The data room is designed to store all deal-relevant information in one secure cloud solution and support seamless updating and sharing.

What is meant by due diligence?

In simple terms, due diligence is the process of examining the reliability and merits of a target company’s offering, choosing the most appropriate strategy for an M&A transaction, and verifying the suitability of the deal. The procedure begins when the parties sign a letter of intent (also known as a letter of intent/LOI). Due diligence involves investigating and auditing any data relating to the activities of the acquired organization, including company records, financial reports, contracts with customers, registers of intellectual property rights, real estate and any other assets, and so on. This step allows the buyer to determine whether the facts provided make the deal worth the investment.

What is data room software?

Data room software is a unique digital solution for storing and sharing sensitive and proprietary data with interested parties in M&A transactions or other forms of relationships. Downloaded documents are protected with encryption technology, multi-factor authentication, and configurable role-based permissions. Considering that multiple users can access the stored files simultaneously, it is possible to control their performance with a separate set of rules.

Why use virtual data room software?

Data rooms simplify the storage and sharing of any commercial and business-sensitive data. This is especially helpful in merger and acquisition agreements. Simultaneously the data room software guarantees a high level of security and supports faster decision-making for both buyers and sellers. This is due to the ability to analyze data originating from any part of the world, without having to travel to the location of the target company and having limited opportunities for one-off checks. Virtual data rooms tend to be more cost-effective and intuitive to operate and long-term customization.