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African Development Bank AgriPitch Competition 2022 ( $140,000 Grant)

African Development Bank AgriPitch Competition

The African Development Bank AgriPitch Competition 2022 aims to assist farmers in strengthening their businesses’ financial stability and investor readiness.

Obtaining capital from investors is an essential step for any startup. This two-week training course is meant to assist entrepreneurs in reviewing, preparing, and presenting their businesses in the best light possible.

Agripreneurs will meet with investors in the online AgriPitch DealRoom after receiving training on how to manage the investor engagement process and broadening their knowledge in areas such as business models, investment/business plans, financial structuring, market needs assessment, business financing, and pitching.

Eligibility Criteria for African Development Bank AgriPitch Competition

Early Start-ups (0-3 years)Mature Start-ups (above 3 yearsWomen-empowered Businesses (WEBs)
1. Meet eligibility criteria for Early Start-ups.
2. Individuals who are at the very early stage of developing ideas/concepts for agripreneurship or a newly established business.
3. Must have a clearly defined prototype or proof of concept.
4. May or may not have had any products introduced to the market.
5. May or may not have a registered corporate entity.
1. Individuals and firms with existing market traction: technology, product or service, already in the market.
2. Must have a clear investment ask and growth plan/strategy.
3. Must be a registered corporate entity.
1. Meet eligibility requirements for either Early Start-ups or Mature Start-ups.
2. Firms that are 51% owned by women or founded by a woman.

What do we offer?


AgriPitch is a component of the fourth African Youth Agripreneurs Forum (AYAF), a platform for young Africans interested in the startup agricultural industry.

The AgriPitch Dealroom will take place online in keeping with the concept for 2022. Through the 2022 Virtual Investor Dealroom, the Bank seeks to provide access to markets and money, which are frequently the two biggest obstacles facing young farmers as they try to expand their businesses.


The online AgriPitch program offers a training course (Bootcamp) on strategic alliances for fairness in agriculture, nutrition, and funding the youth and women.

Competitors in AgriPitch can participate in virtual workshops on product development, revenue channel identification, logistics, marketing, business management, investment preparedness, finance, and other topics throughout the two-week business development boot camp, which is conducted by trainers and coaches.

The participating agripreneurs will receive follow-up mentoring and coaching (virtually) for a period of six months after the training and bootcamp. Additionally, the mentorship activity will connect the AgriPitch participants to pertinent resources throughout the course of the next six months and beyond.


Total grant fundingSME support DurationShortlist SME’sWho can apply?Priority sectors
USD 140,00012 Months25– Youth(35 Years & Below)
– Agriculture value chain focused businesses
– Businesses that leverages technology
Food & Nutrition

For more information and application, visit the official homepage of the African Development Bank AgriPitch Competition